Why does precipitated barium sulfate affect the gloss of powder coatings

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In powder coatings, some contain precipitated barium sulfate. Many people should have been familiar with this type of barium sulfate, which has advantages in whiteness, performance, fineness, and other aspects. However, in the production of powder coatings, the gloss is quite important, and the precipitated barium sulfate also has an impact on the gloss of its powder coatings. Why is this so?

Precipitated barium sulfate has played a significant role in the powder coating industry due to its advantages of high gloss, high whiteness, high content, and high fineness. The glossiness of a coating refers to the ability of the coating surface to reflect the light projected onto it. The stronger the reflection ability, the greater the glossiness.

The main factors affecting the glossiness of barium sulfate powder material after film formation are its particle size and dispersion performance. If the precipitated barium sulfate powder itself has a very fine particle size and can be evenly dispersed into the coating, the coating film will be flat, dense, and mirror like, and the glossiness will be very obvious; On the contrary, if the particle size of barium sulfate is too coarse and the uniformity is poor, the surface of the coating will be rough, and the glossiness will decrease and the color tone will be darker.

The gloss of powder coatings directly determines their quality. Therefore, gloss is particularly important in powder coatings. In powder coatings, barium sulfate has good dispersibility and fineness, and it does not contain impurities. Its surface treatment includes three methods: anodizing, electrophoretic coating, and powder spraying. If we add barium sulfate to the powder coating, the effect is very significant. The coating has adhesion, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance. In powder coatings, barium sulfate can achieve a glossiness of 100, but other methods can only achieve around 98.

The particle size and dispersion performance are both related factors that affect the gloss of powder coatings. For powder coatings, the level of gloss is closely related to its quality. After understanding the influencing factors, we can start from these factors to find solutions to the problems related to the gloss of powder coatings and improve their glossiness.