Basic properties of zinc selenide

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Zinc selenide material is a yellow transparent polycrystalline material with a crystalline particle size of approximately 70 μ m. Transparent planning 0.5-15 μ m。 The substrate composed of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method has no impurity absorption and extremely low scattering loss. Due to the impact on 10.6 μ The absorption of m-wavelength light is very small, making it a material for making optical devices in high-power CO2 laser systems. In addition, it is also a widely used material in different optical systems throughout its entire transparent wavelength range.

Zinc selenide material has a high tolerance to thermal shock, which makes it become an optical material in high power CO2 laser system. The hardness is only 2/3 of the multispectral level ZnS, and the material is relatively soft and prone to scratches. Moreover, the material has a high refractive index, so it is necessary to coat its surface with a high hardness antireflection film to protect it and achieve high transmittance. In its commonly used spectral planning, scattering is very low. When used as high-power laser devices, it is necessary to strictly control the volume absorption and internal structural defects of the material, and choose the polishing technology with the minimum degree of damage and the coating process with the highest optical quality.