Application fields of barium sulfate as filler

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The development of inorganic compound filled polypropylene load material is very rapid. This is because the addition of inorganic filler reduces the shrinkage rate of plastic products, improves the dimensional stability, overcomes the warping deformation of products, and at the same time, the heat resistance and rigidity of products are also obtained, reducing the cost. The commonly used inorganic fillers are talc, calcium carbonate, etc.

Due to the differences in performance between inorganic fillers and plastics, as well as the affinity between the two, the addition of fillers can result in the material's fracture elongation, impact toughness, and flowability, posing difficulties for material design and product teaching.

Barium sulfate filled polypropylene material is a new type of composite material with high filling, high stiffness, high toughness, and high elongation. Possessing new capabilities in physics and mechanics.