Precipitated barium sulfate, an important raw material for plastic woven bags

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When it comes to chemical products, many people may not be so familiar with their concepts and believe that they are far from our lives. In fact, many of the items in our lives are mostly produced with the participation of chemical substances, such as the plastic woven bags that are commonly used recently, which can protect our environment from damage and are therefore vigorously promoted. In fact, when it is produced, Precipitated barium sulfate is one of the more important raw materials.

The requirements for plastic woven bags are constantly increasing. Among the various uses of filling masterbatches, different types and models of filling masterbatches used in plastic woven products account for over 50% of the total amount. The impact of the implementation of the new national standard for plastic woven bags on the reduced demand for filling masterbatch will force adjustments in the development strategy of the filling masterbatch industry.

As the industry matures step by step, our products are also constantly changing, from a single product of precipitated barium sulfate to a series of products with different uses and characteristics such as high gloss barium sulfate and barium sulfate. We will continue to strengthen and improve the filling masterbatch products used for polypropylene and polyethylene plastic woven bags. In a considerable historical period in the future, although polyester will be the main raw material for plastic woven bags and occupy a proportion in quantity, plastic woven products mainly made of PP and PE will still dominate. Moreover, with the total market demand increasing at a rate of over 10%, the filling masterbatch industry is still full of vitality and promising prospects. Therefore, we need to leverage our own strengths and leverage our technological strength on the existing foundation.

Precipitated barium sulfate, with its excellent performance, is ubiquitous and provides some convenience for our daily lives. Its role is evident in many industries. When using such items, we suggest that everyone should first learn about them to ensure that we do not waste resources when using them.