Future Development Trends and Applications of Precipitated Barium Sulfate

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The mirabilite sodium sulfate method used in the preparation of precipitated barium sulfate is very traditional. Precipitated barium sulfate can be used to prepare bright, high gloss paints for various increasingly low electrophoretic paints.

Because precipitated barium sulfate has unique characteristics, low raw material requirements, and excellent dispersibility, it becomes an indispensable raw material for coatings.

The manufacturing industry of precipitated barium sulfate is a resource-based industry, and most barium sulfate producers are now established in resource-rich regions

The production and manufacturing of precipitated barium sulfate has a geographical advantage of abundant resources, but currently, the key products are used in mid to low grade paints and architectural coatings.

In the context of increasingly strong green environmental protection, improving environmental remediation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and reducing production costs are the new trends in the future development of precipitated barium sulfate.